The interest rates have been fairly constant in recent months but have since risen somewhat. What does this mean for your current loan or for your outstanding loan (s)? Read more about it in this blog.

Increase interest rate loan: what does this mean for you?

Increase interest rate loan: what does this mean for you?

The expectation is that interest rates will rise somewhat around the summer. Do you already have a loan? Then it is wise to take out your loan in the short term. This way you benefit from a lower interest rate if you transfer your loan to another lender.

In addition to the interest benefit, you can also refinance your loan to shorten the term of the loan. With a shorter duration, you pay interest over a shorter period. You pay off faster, so the amount on which you pay interest falls faster. With a longer term, the monthly amount to be repaid is lower. But in the end you are more expensive because you pay interest for longer. A loan with a short duration is therefore cheaper.

Take out a loan: what about interest?

Take out a loan: what about interest?

Always compare the interest rates before you take out a loan.

With the National Credit Checker you benefit from the lowest interest rates. You already take out a loan with us at a fixed interest rate from 4.1%. It often applies that the interest rate becomes lower with a higher loan amount.

Interest rate depending on your personal situation

When you apply for a loan, the lender creates a risk profile for each applicant. Here your personal situation is looked at: your age, income situation, credit history, outstanding loans, etc. The lower the risk, the sharper the interest rate.

Do you have your own house or car? Then there is a collateral and often a much lower rate applies than with a blank credit. If you use the loan to finance your renovation or to purchase or improve your owner-occupied home, the interest paid is tax deductible in certain cases.

Requesting a loan: this is how it works

Requesting a loan: this is how it works

With the Credit System you can take out a loan online in 4 simple steps. You apply for your loan in our digital environment where you can apply for a loan: safe, reliable and efficient. That way you have the right information at all times.

Step 1: Apply for your loan

Once you have calculated your loan, request a quote for the loan that you want.

Step 2: You will receive a quote

We test your loan application. If your application has been approved, you will receive a suitable digital quote from us.

Step 3: Supply required documents

You can digitally submit all necessary documents online in a personal secure environment, my ABC.

Step 4: Approve loan

If you have accepted the loan proposal from the quotation, you will receive the money in your account within 2 working days.

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