Crowdfunding – a real alternative to bank loans?

It doesn’t always have to be a bank where you can borrow money. Not even the best friend or parent. If you are innovative and full of ideas, you can try crowdfunding to get your money. And so much can already be revealed: crowdfunding is a real alternative to bank loans – but not for

Loans for Self-Employed

The self-employed belong to the risk group and are often viewed critically by the banks because of their fluctuating income. As borrowers, the self-employed and freelancers as well as start-ups are often sorted out or you only have unfavorable terms and conditions with larger interest rates on offer. As a rule, the material situation and

Cost of starting school – small loans

The bad news: summer is over. The good news: This week school starts for many children, so that everyday life will be regulated a little more for many families. But not many families are positive about starting school. It is often simply because of the costs that come up when you start school. What it

Final loan – a special type of financing

To finance a larger purchase, such as an apartment or a house, you take out a classic installment loan, which you then pay out in monthly installments. But there are other forms of long-term funding that do not have repayments made during the loan term. This type of financing is known as a maturity loan,

Tips for interest

The interest rates have been fairly constant in recent months but have since risen somewhat. What does this mean for your current loan or for your outstanding loan (s)? Read more about it in this blog. Increase interest rate loan: what does this mean for you? The expectation is that interest rates will rise somewhat

Loan for Indebted, Are There Loans for Borrowers?

Unfortunately, the number of people who are indebted is still increasing. Very often they are on the verge of distraint. How to get out of this difficult life situation? In these times it is very difficult to cover the cost of housing to pay rent and bills. Banks refuse to lend to these clients because

The bank offers you

Recently a text by Honest Lender, a journalist at the Agent channel caught my attention. An inquiry reveals that Lenders are saving more and more, but are storing billions in interest-free bank accounts. To be precise, $ 182 billion sleep at almost zero rates of return and even below the threshold of inflation (which is

What can be the cost of a loan?

There are usually a number of costs associated with a loan. It is not always transparent what the cost of various loans is. Therefore, it can also be difficult to assess what it costs to borrow. It is not just the interest rate that determines what it costs. When you want to take out a

Bank Loans Without Registry Loans for everyone

Being financially secure is certainly the goal of everyone. The opportunity to indulge in themselves and their loved ones what they desire is the basis of a happy life. Many are worried about the lack of money, although there is an easy way to secure money permanently at very low and profitable interest. A loan